Ozzy Osbourne Has Been Hospitalized Due To Flu Complications, According to Wife Sharon

Photo credit Press Association
By ALT 103.7

The Prince of Darkness, Ozzy Osbourne, is back in the hospital after recently cancelling tour dates due to an upper-respiratory infection. This time it is due to complications form the flu, according to his wife, Sharon Osbourne. ‘The Talk’ co-host tweeted out the news on Wednesday, with many friends and fans tweeting out their support since.

In her tweet, Sharon wrote, “His doctors feel this is the best way to get him on a quicker road to recovery,” following the news update, along with thanking everyone for their support. This comes on the heels of news that doctors advised Ozzy to postpone the U.K. and European tour parts of his “No More Tours 2” tour, in order to focus on his health.

Last week’s message, posted to the Official Ozzy Osbourne Facebook page, read, “After seeing his physician again, OSBOURNE has been diagnosed with a severe upper-respiratory infection which the doctor feels could develop into pneumonia given the physicality of the live performances and an extensive travel schedule throughout Europe in harsh winter conditions.”

Many fans shared their support for the Prince of Darkness on social media. One twitter user wrote, “Let's all pray for the man that invented Heavy Metal. Gets well soon Ozzy.” Ozzy has also been receiving support from the rock n’ roll community. Black Sabbath guitarist, Tony Iommi wrote on twitter, “I’m wishing @OzzyOsbourne a speedy recovery and I know he’ll be gutted that he’s had to cancel part of his tour but I’m sure he’ll be back on stage as soon as he’s able.”

It is unknown at this time how long Ozzy Osbourne is suspected to stay in the hospital. Hopefully Sharon will continue giving updates on his health for worrying fans. At this time there is no word on when or if Ozzy will be able to continue touring with Black Sabbath. For now fans will have to wait to see the Prince of Darkness back on stage, and hope Ozzy returns to being healthy enough to perform soon.

Via USA Today