Matt Maeson's Top 5 Dallas Memories

By ALT 103.7

Matt Maeson was in the Verizon Artist Lounge at ALT 103.7 studios recently performing for our ALT 103.7 listeners. If you want to see the photos from that performance check them out right HERE.

Backstage Matt gave us his top five Dallas memories. Here they are:
  1.  Meso Maya
  2.  A stop in Dallas on a tour when Matt was living in his car.
  3.  Staying at a sketchy Motel 6
  4. 'Eye' outside of Joule Hotel in downtown Dallas
  5. Hearing 'Cringe' on ALT 103.7

Check out Matt's list and him listening to 'Cringe' on ALT 103.7 in the video above.