Movie Theater In Plano Offers Bottomless Wine And Is Dog Friendly

Photo credit Mario Tama / Staff
By ALT 103.7

There's a new business in Plano that not only caters to dog lovers, but wine lovers as well.

K9 Theater in Plano, TX is a dog friendly theater that allows people to bring their fur babies with them and enjoy a good movie.  

Oh and that movie ticket also gets you access to bottomless wine.

Theaters there are set up with sofas to sit on and offer treats for your pup.  Tickets are $5 for dogs, $9 for kids and $12.50 for adults.  Of course there are some rules to follow. 

You have to clean up after your pet and you must bring papers proving that they are up to date on all their shots. 

Founder Eric Lankford quit his job in pharmaceuticals to open up his business in 2018.  “I wanted to do something that made me happy for once instead of just chasing money and create something that made myself and others happy,” said Lankford. 

There aren't any new films being shown there, but they offer several themed nights like “karaoke margarita night”.  

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