Apparently Goth Crocs Are A New Shoe Trend

Black Croc shoes
Photo credit ID 106979724 © Andrii Shepeliev |
By ALT 103.7

I'll admit, myhusband wears Crocs and occasionally after a downpour, I'll throw 'em on to check the mail. But I wouldn't own a pair. Nothing says "give-up" more than slip-on shoes.

Now that Crocs are custom-designed, people add their own flair. Did you see the ones that Post Malone gave Dez Bryant?

I came across this story which describes a new style of the fugly footwear. Introducing... GOTH CROCS.

Alt Press also hunted down where you can buy your very own punk rock Crocs. So, I guess, Croc and roll lives on.

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