Listen To This Cover Of The Ramones-Pet Sematary Before You See The Remake This Weekend

Pet Semartary Premiere
Photo credit Photo By: Matt Winkelmeyer Getty Images Entertainment
By ALT 103.7

Shockingly the latest horror remake seems to be getting a lot of good buzz.  

Most remakes that hit theaters regardless of them being horror movies, tend to not be as good as the original. The latest adaption of Stephen Kings 'Pet Sematary' has been receiving some pretty great reviews. 

Along with the film remake, we’ve also been given a cover of the Ramones ‘Pet Sematary’ as well. The band Starcrawler gave The Ramones classic a nice modern twist. Their cover of ‘Pet Sematary’ can be heard as the credits start rolling. 

You can listen to both versions down below. Let us know which one you like better. 

Via: Revolver