Brandon Boyd From Incubus Creates Card Game Using His Artwork

Brandon Boyd of Incubus poses in front of his artwork.
Photo credit (Ethan Miller/ Getty Images)
By ALT 103.7

Many musicians are also artists with other media because of their creativity and skills. 

Think Halsey, Florence Welch, Marilyn Manson, David Bowie... the list goes on. Another multi-talented singer is Brandon Boyd, lead singer of Incubus. He has had gallery exhibits, and he even got a scholarship to art school. Now, he's putting those assets to work in a game he designed called Deux Portes/ Two Doors. Much like the memory game we all played as kids, Two Doors is a card match challenge where the pictures are his paintings. Each pair has a creative synonym for the word "portal" so the object is to find the twins. It retails for $60. 

Pardon me, while I go order this for our next game night. 

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