Cap'n Crunch Will Have Special Cotton Candy-Flavored Crunch Berries

Crunch Berries cereal
Photo credit Getty Images
By ALT 103.7

Cap'n Crunch is probably my all-time favorite cereal. And I don't mean the regular yellow square puffs. I'm talking Crunch Berries. 

So I was excited to hear that parent company Quaker Oats is unveiling a new summer line-up. It will feature four different flavors: Peanut Butter, All Berries, Sprinkled Donut Crunch, and Cotton Candy. Maaaaan, as much as I love Crunch Berries AND Cotton Candy, I just imagine myself melting into a puddle of sugar after eating this. It's almost too sweet!I'll still give it a try, but I'm drawing the line when they start making a Cheetos recipe.

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