EXCLUSIVE: Elle King Talks About Surgery, Queso-Wrestling, And Her Alter Ego "Aunt Bob"

By ALT 103.7

Elle King is a Grammy-nominated singer-songwriter.

Elle King is a family-oriented daughter, sister, aunt.

Elle King is a multi-talented, balls-to-the-wall creative force. 

Elle King is my spirit animal. 

I was fortunate to get to discuss her upcoming show at House of Blues with her.. along with a million other things. On the list of random topics: 

  • Queso-wrestling
  • Drunken purchases
  • How she earned the nickname "Aunt Bob"
  • Her recovery from knee surgery
  • Childbirth and who's allowed to be in the delivery room
  • Her "side gig" as an ear-piercer. 

Listen to our quick 5-minute chat, and check out her "Shake the Spirit" Tour on May 7th at House of Blues!


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