Goth Crocs Are Here To Make Your Summer Extra Metal

Croc Shoes
Photo credit Photo By Getty Images
By ALT 103.7

Here’s something no one in the world asked for. Goth Crocs, yes Crocs made for Goths. 

You can now rock out with your Crocs out. These bad boys are now available on Etsy for $240.00. Fathers Day is just around the corner and you know your dad could use a new pair of his favorite shoes, or maybe the Goth in your life has always wanted to wear a pair of punk Crocs.

These black rubber shoes come accessorized with spikes and a stainless steel chain, you probably don’t want to wear them if you plan on going to the airport. It doesn’t get any more metal than this. 

Will you be seen wearing these cool Crocs this summer? 

Via: Yahoo