Beer Cans Filled With Beer Flavored Jelly Beans Are Here Just In Time For Easter

Jellybean Easter eggs
Photo credit Photo By Getty Images
By ALT 103.7

Don’t you miss racing to find all the eggs that the Easter Bunny left behind when you were a kid? 

You could always have an adult Easter egg hunt with your friends if you miss it that much. While you’re at it go ahead and replace those candy-filled eggs with some adult beverages. 

Even better fill those Easter eggs up with Jelly Belly’s beer flavored jellybeans. You can now purchase beer cans full of the company’s ‘Draft Beer’ flavored jellybeans. These candies have a “clean, crisp, and wheaty taste", and have a "jewel-like finish" to emulate the bubbly look of a draft beer. These jellybean filled beer cans will run you only $5 online

Maybe dad really likes beer and could use a gift from the Easter Bunny this year. If you feel like letting everyone try some beer-flavored jellybeans go ahead they are non- alcoholic. 

Via: Delish