Wanna Drink While Shopping? Willow Bend Mall Is Now Offering Alcohol!

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By ALT 103.7

Drunk shopping is the best kind of shopping!!!!!!!

Good news Plano! If you like to sip on fancy cocktails while browsing through clothing and such, Willow Bend Mall has got you covered. The idea comes from Ascension Coffee, who will now be serving up booze to the good patrons of Willow Bend. According to the owner, Russell Hayward...

"I just think the environment of just chilling out the whole shopping environment makes it a much more relaxed type of experience...It seemed like a crazy idea but I've seen so many people at Whole Foods walking around with glasses of wine doing the shopping so I go, ‘Wow, ok maybe there's something in this.'"

Here's the best part, you can take your frosty brew or wine anywhere in the mall. You will be required to wear a special wristband, which you have to get before entering the mall. You must carry your beverage in a plastic cup while on the premises. And last but not least, you will not be allowed to take your drink into any of the restaurants.