List Of Relationship Red Flags That Your Server Can Pick Up On

Server waiting on a couple
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By ALT 103.7

Whether its breakfast, lunch or dinner, it’s always nice going to out to eat with your significant other. Just the two of you; what could be better? But let's not forget about your server, who is right there watching and waiting on you the whole time your out. Your date just went from the two of you to the three of you. 

Now a server who has been in the food industry for close to 10 years is sharing some of her experiences that she’s had with waiting on couples. 

Here is a list of some of the relationship red flags that your server can spot. 

1. You can’t stop arguing, even when you’re getting along.Just about everyone's been to a restaurant where a couple was just arguing the whole time. If you can’t stop fighting long enough to have a decent meal while you're out in public it might be time to call it quits.

2. You’re ordering for the other person. Whoever you're with can order for themselves, they have a mind of their own and don’t need your help.

3. Controlling Partners.There’s a fine line between a little flirtatious back-and-forth and cruel, painful name-calling. Couples whose communication only consists of snide remarks and insults are probably not communicating in the healthiest way.

4. You slip the server your number. Giving your number to the server shouldn’t be something anyone does, they’re there to serve you; they’re not looking to date everyone that walks in. Plus flirting with the server while your out on a date shouldn’t be something you do either, but it does happen.

5. Public Water Works.People sometimes call ahead for reservations or ask for the table in the back just for breakups. Your server can always tell something is off when someone starts crying and it’s always awkward for them to come in and check on you.

6. Cell Phone Use.It’s fine to be on your phone while your out at dinner, but at least put it away for a quick bit to talk to whoever your there with. Plus it’s a little rude when you’re on your phone and your waiter is trying to take your order.

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