Tom Brady Says He’s Not The Highest Paid Quarterback Because His Wife “Makes A Lot Of Money”

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By ALT 103.7

Tom Brady’s life is pretty much as perfect as it gets. He has fame, success and is arguably the greatest quarterback of his generation, but many would be surprised to learn he is not the highest paid quarterback in the NFL. Brady recently sat down for an interview with Jimmy Kimmel, and when asked about not being the highest paid quarterback, Brady has a pretty simple answer; his wife.

While Tom Brady is only the 18th highest paid quarterback in the league, he says his family is still doing alright. Brady is married to super model Giselle Bundchen, who was once the highest paid model in the world. As Brady told Kimmel, “I think the thing I’ve always felt for me in my life you know winning has been a priority and my wife makes a lot of money.”

The New England Patriots quarterback went on jokingly saying, “I’m a little smarter than you think!” Brady may not be the highest paid player in the league, but he’s done pretty well for himself throughout his career. It doesn’t hurt having a super model wife though. Let’s just hope Dallas Cowboys quarterback, Dak Prescott, finds a model wife soon!

Via Fox News