Dallas Cowboy’s Running Back Ezekiel Elliott Handcuffed In Las Vegas

Photo credit TNS
By ALT 103.7

Dallas Cowboys running back, Ezekiel Elliott, is back in the news after being handcuffed and detained in Las Vegas over the weekend. Elliott was attending the EDC music festival where video captures him with police after allegedly knocking a man to the ground.

Ezekiel Elliott is seen in the video knocking a security guard to the ground. He is shown the parking lot in an argument with his girlfriend. Later in the video the running back is seen in a confrontation with the security guard. Zeke’s body reportedly pushed the security guard back, knocking him into a metal gate.

According to an attorney for Elliott, the Cowboys star player wasn’t formally arrested, and claims the whole ordeal is nothing. For safety purposes Elliott was put in handcuffs by Las Vegas police, and taken away from the scene. Ezekiel Elliott was then later let go, and has not been charged with any crime.

Via 1053 the Fan