Watch the Cast of Captain Marvel Play 'Would You Rather?'

Brie Larson
Photo credit © Robert Hanashiro-USA TODAY
By ALT 103.7
I'm counting down the hours until Captain Marvel opens in theaters. Being a Marvel Cinematic Universe dork, I've been anxiously anticipating the debut of their most powerful character of all time.
Brie Larson, who stars as the title character (aka: "Carol Danvers"), has been making the rounds lately. She's appeared on numerous talk shows, and she's even sitting down with well-known websites like Bustle. Rather than a traditional let-me-promote-my-movie interview, blogger Sydney Bucksbaum had some fun with the cast. She asked them to play Would You Rather...? with questions ranging from "Would you rather be a superhero or a super-villain?" to "Would you rather be stuck with 90s fashion or 90s technology?" 

The answers that followed were across the board. Would you rather watch this video or see the actual movie?