Clothing Retailer Sends Woman The Wrong Size; Gives The Clothes To Her Dog Instead

Dog wearing a shirt & sunglasses
Photo credit Photo By Dreamstime
By ALT 103.7

There nothing like seeing a t-shirt or pair of pants in the store window and trying them on. You see, you try, you buy. Online shopping has become so popular now that you can buy everything and anything with a click of a button.

The only problem with buying clothes online is that you have to hope the seller isn’t ripping you off when it comes to the size. That’s what happened with one lady in the UK and she took advantage of the situation by having fun with it. 

Callie Conway posted about her online shopping experience on Twitter. She ordered a pair of shimmery lace trousers, the matching crop top and a headband in a size UK 8. When her order arrived the clothes were ridiculously too small. 

It was so tiny there was no way the clothes were going to fit Conway. Instead, she had her dog try the clothes on, and it fit perfectly. Conway captioned her post, "So ibought a UK SIZE 8 outfit for Ibiza and this arrived... fits my dog better than me fancy a holCharlotte??" Check out her pictures down below.

Have you ever gotten the wrong size shipped to you by online retailers?

Via: New York Post