Woman Staying At An Airbnb Made A Horrifying Discovery

Locked Door
Photo credit Photo By Getty Images
By ALT 103.7

What’s the weirdest thing you’ve seen or found while staying at an Airbnb? Whatever you found doesn’t beat this.  

Over the weekend a woman was staying at an Airbnb in Europe. While looking for the Internet modem she came across a locked door. She then proceeded to unlock the door, that's when she came across a very disturbing sight.

Inside the locked room contained two guns, an erotic painting and an old typewriter with keys made of human teeth. She then shared her findings on with her Twitter followers. 

“Feel a bit mean posting a photo of someone else’s place so here’s a tiny snippet of the madness I’m talking about. We’re going to die here aren’t we? There’s a (formerly) locked room in our Airbnb that contains two guns, an erotic painting, and a typewriter whose keys are entirely made of teeth.”

Soon after everyone started responding to her creepy Airbnb experience. 

This is how horror movies start. Just you wait, in about a year there will be a movie about a haunted house listed on Airbnb.  

Via: Huff Post