Boy Celebrates Turning 9-Years-Old With Buc-ee’s Themed Birthday Party

Kids Birthday Party
Photo credit Photo By Getty Images
By ALT 103.7

You can buy just about everything you need from Buc-ee’s; it’s basically a Wal-Mart for road trips. 

The Alonso family loves going all out when it comes to birthday parties. Mom Leonor Alonso tells Southern Living “We’re really big on throwing parties and going all out, and we like to think outside of the box. If it’s in the store we don’t want it.” The family threw a Whataburger themed birthday when her youngest son turned 3-years-old last September. Now the older sibling wants to one-up his little brother with an even better theme for his 9th birthday. 

The next best Texas institution behind Whataburger is Buc-ee’s. Nathan Alonso is a huge fan of beaver nuggets and wanted a Buc-ee’s themed birthday party. Good thing Buc-ee’s has everything to throw a beaver themed birthday party. 

The Alonso’s used Buc-ee’s Styrofoam cups as centerpieces, for dessert everyone had a red and yellow cupcake; there was even a Buc-ee’s piñata. 

Sounds like a pretty fun 9th birthday.