The Month Of July Will End With A Black Supermoon

Person looking at the stars
Photo credit Photo By Getty Images
By ALT 103.7

Don’t drive yourself crazy if you don’t see the moon tonight. July 31st will be the first black moon to occur since 2016. 

What’s a black moon you ask? A moon is considered "black" when it's the second new moon of the month. The moon also happens to be at the point where its closest to the earth, making it a supermoon. Hence the name Black Supermoon. 

Unlike all the other supermoons we've heard so much about, you won't be able to see this one. What makes this Black Supermoon so special is that it’s taking place on the last day of the month. The absence of the moon also makes for great viewing conditions for the meteor shower that’s taking place. 

Via: Mental Floss