A Letter Written By Former AC/DC Frontman, Bon Scott, Goes To Surprising Buyer At Auction

Photo credit Fototo Cam | Dreamstime.com
By ALT 103.7

Rock and roll and government have had many clashes throughout the years. When rock memorabilia goes up for auction, government building isn’t the first place its thought to end up, but that’s exactly what happened this week, when letters written by the late Bon Scott went up for sale.

It was announced earlier this year that letters written by Bon Scott, the former AC/DC front man would go up for auction. While at first the buyer was kept a mystery, it has been revealed that the Western Australia Government purchased the letters for $14,000.

In the letters, Scott writes to his friend Valerie in 1978 while the band was on tour in America. In his letter he writes about AC/DC’s tough touring schedule, his finances, and concerns about drummer, Phil Rudd. WA state library music expert, Dr. Adam Trainer said, “There is a perception of Bon Scott – especially from the lyrics of his songs – that he was a malevolent, mischievous person. But this letter shows a different side – tender and emotional.”

Many fans were shocked to hear the Western Australia Government placed the winning auction bid for the Bon Scott letter, but were happy to find out the letters will now be on display. The letters will remain at the State Library in Perth for the next three months. Years later, fans will now get an inside look into the mind of Bon Scott.

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