World’s Largest Bounce House Is Coming To Dallas This Weekend

Large Bounce House
Photo credit Photo by Getty Images
By ALT 103.7

Bounce houses have changed a lot since you were a kid; they used to just be castles at the fair. Now they’re even bigger with water slides and obstacle courses. 

This weekend you’ll have the chance to be a kid again when the worlds largest bounce house comes to Dallas. The Big Bounce America Tour is stopping by the Dallas’ Skyline Ranch May 10th-12th. There will be multiple bounce houses to jump around in, there's an extraordinarily large obstacle course, an outer space-themed area with a maze, and the world's largest bounce house.

If you're thinking "how big is the worlds largest bounce house?", It's so big that it has a ball pit, basketball hoops, and giant inflatable animals. 

The event is kid-friendly; they just want to give adults the chance to jump around in a bounce house again. Ticket prices for adults are $28, kids ages 15 and under are $24, and toddlers are $16.

Via: D Magazine