Wildlife officials called after fisherman caught crocodile in dam and brought it home

The five foot crocodile was captured in Australia
Photo credit AppleZoomZoom

When most come across a crocodile, their goal is to get as far away from it as possible. Even those that hunt crocodiles for a living know the dangers of coming close to the aggressive reptiles. However, one fisherman in Australia decided to try and bring his catch home with him, leading him to call wildlife officials to remove it from his home.

The fisherman is now being investigated after he reportedly brought home a five foot six inch crocodile he caught at a dam in Proserpine, Australia. According to authorities; he “captured and restrained” the crocodile before bringing it home with him. Of course, the crocodile didn’t make for a great house pet, so the fisherman called authorities who removed the crocodile, bringing it to a nearby zoo.

“DES wishes to remind the public that they should not harass or interfere with crocodiles, and that they run the risk of serious injuries if they approach, disturb or seek to interact with estuarine crocodiles of any size,” said the Queensland Department of Environment and Science. Next time, the fisherman should just try saving a dog or cat.

Via Fox News