University Quarantines Entire Sorority After 23 Members Test Positive for COVID-19


The fall semester didn't start how many Oklahoma State University students planned when 23 sisters in the Pi Beta Phi sorority tested positive for coronavirus.

Now, the entire sorority is under quarantine, reported Today.

Officials report only one member showed coronavirus symptoms, and none of her sisters were allowed to leave the off-campus house.

“At this point, no members have been hospitalized and any who are ill are experiencing minor effects of the virus,” Pi Beta Phi strategic initiatives director Shawn Eagleburger said in a statement.

He shared that members who moved into the sorority house between August 2 and August 6 have all tested negative for the virus.

It was reported that the sorority hosted a virtual recruitment drive to gain new pledges, but some members met in person.

“Eager to reconnect with friends, on August 11, a small group of members who reside outside of the facility joined the chapter for a short, informal gathering at the facility,” Eagleburger said.

On August 12, the Chapter President was told that one of the members felt ill. She later shared that she tested positive for coronavirus.

Monica Roberts, the school spokeswoman, said the campus was ready to tackle this situation to keep more students from contracting COVID-19.

“When you bring back 20,000 students, there will invariably be more cases related to campus,” she added. “We’ve prepared for this for five months and have protocols in place to manage the situation.”

Roberts said the university’s priority is the safety of its campus community.

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