'100 Days Wild' Star Adam Frye Reveals the Big Moment That Wasn't Caught on Camera


Adam Frye is one of the stars of Discovery’s “100 Days Wild” where 7 people come together to build a self-sustaining community in Alaska.

In an interview with RADIO.COM, Frye detailed his experience and even described the dangers of living in the wilderness - including one that wasn't caught on camera.

“Up there, especially in the second half of the time that we spent there, every night could be considered a near-death experience quite honestly, because it was between -30 and almost -60 every night,” he shares.

Luckily, Frye had the tools he needed to keep himself safe – and it mostly boiled down to just three items.

“The three biggest items that saved my life were my life jacket, the fire kit that I had in my life jacket, and my sleeping bag,” he said.

And while some of his scarier experiences will be outlined on the show, there was one experience that happened when the film crews weren't around.

“Another thing that we did not catch on film…one morning some of the moss that was used to insulate our shelter had fallen down on the smoke stack outside due to the wind and we didn’t know,” he said.

“I was laying in my bag and behind me a glow of orange kind of intensified, and outside, my shelter had caught on fire,” he continued. “We got it out, unfortunately it wasn’t captured.”

Amidst the many real experiences Frye encountered, another challenge was making sure everyone had enough food. “I lost 42 pounds on the show,” Frye shared.

“I had a bit of olive oil, and I had some rice. I had a little bit of flour, a little bit of sugar. And I had a little bit of coffee for a little while before it ran out,” he said of his preparations.

“I would add rice, and I would add olive oil,” he added. “And then you would add whatever protein source you had whether it be fish, squirrel, grouse, goose, beaver, hare, etc.” Despite all of the challenges Frye faced, he revealed that his past experiences set him up for success.

Frye, who joined the Army at age 18 and was later deployed to Guantanamo Bay and Kosovo, reveals that the experience led him to a place where he was able to really prioritize during his time in Alaska as well as prepare him for the coronavirus pandemic. “I had real clarity about longevity due to that deployment in Kosovo,” he said.

Discovery’s “100 Days Wild” premieres on Friday night at 9 pm ET.

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