Neighbors Share Wine a Floor Apart While Supporting Coronavirus Frontline Workers


People are getting creative when it comes to happy hour these days.

A couple in Portland, Oregon came across a unique happy hour during their venture to get take out from a local business. Kim and Rich Williams managed to capture a moment between neighbors on camera as they shared wine with each other out their windows.

Every night around 7 pm in Portland, community members lean out their windows and make some noise in support of coronavirus frontline healthcare workers in the area. On one particular evening, the couple spotted a man, Phil Kirkland, attempting to share wine with his downstairs neighbor by pouring from the bottle directly into the glass in her outstretched hand below.

"All of a sudden, we see this guy and this girl out their window. He was sharing his wine with her," Rich recalled to the Oregonian.

The girl, Nicole Hudson, explained that she was just participating in the noise-making as she does every night when Kirkland introduced himself and offered up some of his local Oregon wine.

"He goes, 'Well here do you want some wine? I have some really good wine,'" Hudson recalled. Kirkland asked her to go get a glass. It was then that the Williams couple walked by and managed to capture the sweet moment.

"It was actually a pretty decent pour," Hudson said. Kirkland posted the moment to Twitter where it has garnered nearly 1 million views.

As nice as it is to share an unexpected happy hour with a stranger, Hudson wants to stress that the moment was really about support for healthcare workers. "This moment wouldn't have been captured without the tradition of yelling out the window and supporting healthcare," Hudson said.

On top of that, she's glad she could share her hilarious moment with the world when things are so tough for everyone right now. "It's hard to find organic positivity right now," she said.

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