Hayley Williams Delivers a Backyard Acoustic Performance of 'Simmer'

Featuring a special appearance from her dog, Alf

Hayley Williams just dropped a song that came out six hundred years ago. Well, not exactly six hundred years go, but it certainly may feel that way.

The Paramore frontwoman took to Instagram to treat fans to an acoustic performance from her backyard.

“This song came out 6 hundred years ago, b.c. (corona) but i still love it and it keeps evolving,” she captioned the post.

Williams performed the track “Simmer,” which came as the lead single from her debut solo album Petals for Armor.

“Thanks for listening to me sing to myself all these months. I have really enjoyed sharing lil glimpses into my solitude like this. hope you’re stayin safe and allowing yourself some peace in your own solitude. 🖤 oh yeah, Alf says hello,” her post continued.

Undoubtedly, Petals for Armor has to have some of Williams’ favorite solo songs. After all, it’s the only solo album she’s released in her career. If you ask her to name her favorite Paramore songs, well, that’s a different story.

A few weeks ago, Williams replied to a tweet asking to name her favorite five favorite Paramore songs.

She proceeded to list the After Laughter songs “Told You So,” “Hard Times,” “Pool,” and “Rose-Colored Boy,” along with a live version of the band’s Twilight contribution “I Caught Myself.”

Apparently some fans wanted to find out what her favorite songs were that aren’t from After Laughter. Williams happily obliged, but did admit “basically, the last 2 paramore albums are our best. Nooo contest.”

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