WATCH: Mechanics open car dashboard to rescue adorable kitten


A few mechanics in Utah were up for quite the project when they disassembled the dashboard of a car to retrieve a kitten who had gotten stuck inside.

John Chambers-Thieling, who is an employee at Tim Dahle Nissan, had received a distressed call from a woman who had just rescued a kitten. Unfortunately, the kitten made its way into the inner workings of her car.

When the cat got stuck behind the dashboard, she immediately reached out for help. She got her car to the dealership where they were able to take apart the front interior of the vehicle to retrieve the missing kitten.

In a video posted to social media, Chambers-Thieling records as his colleagues, David Tucker and Dean Rockhill, work meticulously to get the kitten out of the car.

It took a few minutes and some coaxing of the cat, but eventually, the trio was able to rescue the tiny critter from the dashboard.

"In my job you never know what can happen," Chambers-Thielen wrote in a social media post. "I took a call from a very distraught lady this morning, stating their new rescue kitten had gotten stuck behind the dash in their car."

"'Bring it right in,' I said," the man continued.

"Here ya go, a little feel good, in a time when we need it," he concluded.

The dashboard cat wasn't the only kitten who found itself in a bit of trouble this week. Amid the ongoing California wildfires, one rescue crew was in for a shock when they discovered a kitten among various debris.

The cat, who was covered in ash and struggling to breath, was rushed to an animal shelter where she was treated and named Baby Yoda.

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