Newborn Baby in London Becomes Youngest Person to Test Positive for Coronavirus


A newborn baby has become the youngest person in the world to test positive for the coronavirus, according to reports.

A few days ago, the baby’s mother was rushed to hospital in London with suspected pneumonia, the Sun reported. The mother and baby, both of whom have coronavirus, were were placed in separate hospitals overnight to receive treatment.

The baby’s mother did not know that she had coronavirus — she found out after giving birth when she was tested at North Middlesex Hospital, Enfield.

The baby was tested minutes after she was born at the hospital, where she is still receiving treatment.

Reports said that the mother has been transferred to a specialist infections hospital.

Staff who came in contact with the mother and the baby were told to self-isolate. Doctors at the hospital do not know if the baby contracted the virus in the womb or during labor.

"Two patients at North Middlesex University hospital have tested positive for coronavirus. One has been transferred to a specialist centre and one is being treated in an isolation room," North Middlesex University Hospital NHS Trust said in a statement.

North Middlesex University hospital said that the safety of its patients and staff is essential. The hospital continues to regularly deep clean the areas around the facility.

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