Panera launches wintry bread bowl hand warmers for iced coffee drinkers


People who love Panera Bread’s signature warm bread bowls can now wear them as an accessory this winter.

The company has launched an unusual new hand warmer modeled after the company’s popular bread bowls, reports TODAY. Instead of filling this bowl with Broccoli Cheddar or French Onion Soup, customers can now use it to protect their hands from their favorite icy beverage.

Although this new bread bowl is not edible, customers may be tempted to take a bite. The incredibly convincing accessory is the exact shape and size of Panera’s signature menu item.

Made with a cozy cotton inside and polyester lining, the glove is even detailed with a fake sprinkle of flour to give the glove an authentic fresh feel.

The iced coffee is placed in the hole on the top of the fake bread bowl, and customers can then hold the beverage while also staying warm by reaching inside the round glove.

The company came up with the product after conducting a fun survey that showed 78% of Americans don’t let cold temperatures inhibit them from ordering iced coffee, a brand spokesperson said.

From Tuesday through Friday, iced coffee drinkers can head to for a chance to win a free Iced & Toasty Bread Bowl Glove. All winners will be selected to receive one of the 450 limited-edition accessories.

Panera is reminding people that the inside of the hot new glove may get a little toasty, and maybe even a little stinky.

“On laundry day, don’t forget to throw in your Bread Bowl Glove…Seriously,” the company joked on Twitter.

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