Revisit The White Stripes Television Debut for the 20th Anniversary of ‘De Stijl’

Jack and Meg White are still giving us iconic moments

Even though The White Stripes called it quits back in 2011, the band comprised of Rock icons, Jack White and Meg White, are still giving use gifts from nearly twenty years ago.

In honor of the band’s 20th anniversary of their second studio album, De Stijl, Jack’s record label, Third Man Records, released rare footage of the band making their television debut.

“In celebration of the 20th Anniversary of 'De Stijl,' watch The White Stripes (Jack White & Meg White) perform "Apple Blossom” & “Death Letter” Live on Detroit Public TV’s ‘Backstage Pass’ from May 28, 2000!” they share in the YouTube caption.

In 2000 the band was slowly gaining recognition and popularity in their hometown of Detroit, however, looking back on their sophomore album songs like “Hello Operator” and “Death Letter” now feel like essential tracks on the soundtrack to the new millennium.

To further justify the idea that The White Stripes were a predominant sound of the early to mid-2000s, we have to talk about the band’s appearance on The Simpsons. Six years after the release of De Stijl the lo-fi, blues-inspired rock group made an appearance in the famed animated series, The Simpsons, and as the legend goes, once you’ve made it on The Simpsons then it means you’ve made it everywhere.

Although the band hasn’t been together for almost nine years we are grateful for the vast archives kept by Third Man Records and patiently wait for what else will be unearthed in the future.

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