The Airborne Toxic Event's Mikel Jollett Isn't Concerned About His Band's Name: 'Band Names Are Weird'

The band has a new album due out later this month

Given the current state of the world, there's no shortage of things to worry about. For The Airborne Toxic Event frontman Mikel Jollett, his band's name is not one of them.

When asked if he feels strange about his band name, what with the whole global pandemic thing, Jollett tells ABC Audio, "Not as such."

"I sort of feel like people get that band names are weird and it's fine," he says.

However, Jollett does think the inspiration behind TATE's name feels quite apt in the time of COVID-19. "The Airborne Toxic Event" is actually a reference to the 1985 novel White Noise, in which the protagonist Jack Gladney comes into contact with a poisonous cloud.

"He thinks he's gonna die," Jollett explains. "So suddenly the fact, the mere specter of his potential death changes the way he approaches his entire life."

Adding to the chaos is the government, which, as Jollett puts it, "screws up."

"[Jack's] just kinda going about his life, and then this crazy thing that the government mishandled happens, and suddenly everyone's hiding and afraid for their lives," Jollett says. "So it feels sort of relevant." 

The Airborne Toxic Event will release a new album called Hollywood Park, featuring the single "Come on Out," on May 22. It'll be accompanied by a memoir of the same name written by Jollett, which is due out May 26.

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