Watch Alex Gaskarth of All Time Low Perform in an Exclusive FANDEMIC Instagram Live

The frontman took questions from fans, and treated us to new songs

Just hours after their new album arrived everywhere, Alex Gaskarth of All Time Low joined RADIO.COM for another exclusive FANDEMIC Instagram Live, answering your questions and performing songs from Wake Up, Sunshine.

“It felt like Christmas today,” Alex told RADIO.COM’s Kevan Kenney, as the band’s eighth studio arrived everywhere on Friday. “It’s a trip,” he added, about everyone getting to hear the album at the same time. “I love knowing that everybody gets to share in it simultaneously. You get that moment where suddenly everybody’s discovering it, all at once, and it’s just – I don’t know. It feels really communal.”

“Especially like right now, given everything that’s going on, and we’re sort of all stuck at home and holed up, it was kinda amazing to share in that moment with everybody even though we’re all so far apart.”

All Time Low decided to release Wake Up, Sunshine during this time, in hopes it could be “cathartic” for people in the era of uncertainty. It just so happens that the album was recorded in a time of togetherness for the band, as they wrote and recorded the entire effort face-to-face, in drummer Rian Dawson’s Nashville studio and in a Palm Springs rental house.

Gaskarth played a few songs from the LP, and answered fan questions, like one asking about Alex’s writing process.

“I write just as much from present experience as I do from past,” he explained. “And sometimes those things even collide, because of something that will happen in recent years, or last week or whatever, it will give me a new perspective on something more significant that happened in the past. I’ll approach writing a song differently because of that.”

“I’ll be recounting a story from years ago, but it takes on this new meaning, new life, new light through a new experience.”

Performances like this one have prompted fans to ask for more acoustic versions from All Time Low, and it has inspired Alex and the band to want to record them too.

“As I’ve been doing this, we’ve been fully intending to record a bunch of these songs acoustic because they translate so well.”

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