WATCH: Peculiar dragon-like creatures wash up on beach


Can you imagine walking down the beach and finding yourself an unusual creature?

According to a UK Sun report, dozens of strange, blue, poisonous sea creatures were found washed up on a beach by locals in South Africa.

The blue dragons, which are shell-less mollusks, are known as “the most beautiful killer in the ocean.”

When Maria Wagener walked on the beach, she found the creatures in the sand near Cape Town.

While walking on the coast, the local grandmother shared that she saw more than 20 of the sea creatures, which she said look like a cross between an octopus, a bird, and a lizard.

“I probably would have put them back in the sea if I’d had something to lift them — but no, I didn’t touch them!” Wagener said. “I pick up starfish all the time and put them back into the sea but I had a feeling that these would have a sting.”

Blue dragons feed on deadly Portuguese man o’ war and other poisonous creatures in the sea. Once they eat, they process their cells to zap predators, causing vomiting, nausea, and pain.

Wagener shared the bizarre pictures and a video to her Facebook page.

She captioned the video, “A short shaky video of one of the many Glaucus Atlanticus (aka sea swallows or sea dragons) seen on Fish Hoek Beach on Monday 16 November 2020.”

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