All outdoor playgrounds in California permitted to reopen

Photo credit Amy Mitchell / Getty Images
By The New ALT 105.3

All outdoor playgrounds in the state of California are now allowed to reopen according to the state's Department of Public Health. It no longer matters what tier a county falls in the playground can now be...played on.

Many across the state have seen slides, swings, and play areas roped off since mid-March, but the caution tape will come down and these rules are expected to be abided by:
  • All children must be supervised
  • Wash hands before & after use
  • No eating, or drinking on the playground
  • Children over two years of age need to wear a face covering
  • Visits should be limited to 30 minutes
  • Members of different households should stay at least six feet apart

Cities are now expected to sanitize playgrounds regularly, provide sanitization and hand washing stations, and to post guidelines on the max capacity for the area.