Oakland A's Using Tom Hanks As Voice Of Virtual Concession Vendor For 2020 Season

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By The New ALT 105.3

The Oakland A's, like several other teams, have cardboard cutouts placed in the stands for the fan-free 2020 season. They'll also be enchancing the experience with a familiar voice booming over the speakers. The East Bay's own Tom Hanks will the voice of the virtual concessions vendor for games at the Oakland Coliseum this year.

“Hot dogs here! Colossal hot dogs!” Will be what you can hear Hanks shout as well as “Not a ballgame without a hot dog! Who wants a hot dog?”

The Skyline High alum was once a hot dog vendor at the Coliseum when he was 19 years old.

Listen for the voice of the 'A League Of Their Own' star during broadcasts of the team's home games all (shortened) season.