Wild pigs descend on San Jose, destroying lawns

Wild pigs
Photo credit Getty Images
By The New ALT 105.3

Per. a report from KTVU, San Jose residents are dealing with a wild boar problem unlike they've ever seen. They are being caught on camera tearing up yards especially in the city's Evergreen neighborhood.

The draining of the nearby Anderson Dam as well as the year's continuous hot & dry conditions are believed to be the reason for the hogs making their presence known in the south bay. They're believed to be following the water to the Guadalupe Creek and now they're becoming such a problem that the city council is dealing with ways to get rid of them. One councilmember has suggested using bows & arrows to kill them, but that's received a good deal of pushback due to the potential danger that could be to residents.

For now, they'll have to get used to the hogs as a solution is worked on.