Taiwanese Shop That Popularized Brown Sugar Boba Opening First Bay Area Location

Brown Sugar Boba
Photo credit Getty Images
By The New ALT 105.3

The pandemic has brought a lot news of restaurants and businesses closing, but there is a place that's opening in the Bay this fall that you should be aware of. Taiwanese chain Tiger Sugar is bringing their brown sugar boba to Cupertino at 19620 Stevens Creek Blvd. #180 in early October.

They previously opened locations in Los Angeles and New York and have plans to open more locations in northern California.

While Tiger Sugar might not have been the first to start serving brown sugar boba, which utilizes tapioca balls that have been cooked slowly in a caramelized brown-sugar syrup, they did popularize it and made it an Instagram sensation.

They won't be the first in the Bay Area to sell it as shops in San Francisco, Oakland, and elsewhere already do, but there's absolutely seems to be worth a try.