Stanford Medicine Investigating California's Possible Herd Immunity To Coronavirus

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By The New ALT 105.3

Perhaps you've heard people mention that they think they might've had Coronavirus, specifically feeling symptoms of extreme fatigue and dry coughs starting late last fall and into January. Now researchers at Stanford Medicine are investigating a hypothesis that COVID-19 hit California as early as November 2019.

Stanford Medicine's team of researchers conducted 3,200 tests at three Bay Area sites (San Jose, Los Gatos & Mountain View) on Saturday April 4th and will release results in coming weeks that they hope will provide data on when exactly the virus first hit California.

Noting that New York has had four times the amount of deaths as California one researcher said "something's going on that we haven't quite found out yet." & that it would be naive to think Californians didn't have some exposure to the virus earlier than most think in a time where travel wasn't restricted between the U.S. & China.

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