Thanks To Tom DeLonge The Navy Has Acknowledged That UFOs Are Real For The First Time

Tom DeLonge poses for a portrait in his shop To the Stars
Photo credit © TNS
By The New ALT 105.3

Tom DeLonge has come a long way since singing "Aliens Exist" and UFO hunting with former blink-182 bandmate Travis Barker. Now according to reports videos of UFOs made public by DeLonge's To The Stars Academy have been acknowledged by the US Navy as legitimate. The first time the US Navy has admitted that UFOs are real and have violated American airspace.

Joseph Gradisher, a spokesperson for the Navy, said that the footage in the videos released by DeLonge does in fact depict unidentified "phenomena". The videos were captured by Navy pilots in 2004 & 2015.

DeLonge also took part in a six-part series on the subject of UFOs called 'Unidentified' that aired earlier this year on the History Channel.

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