There's now a live map that tracks broken McDonald's ice cream machines in the U.S.

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By The New ALT 105.3

Rashiq Zahid has felt the anguish many of us have. Attempting to order ice cream from McDonald's, but being told the machine is broken. He dealt with that when ordering a McSundae in Berlin over the summer and now the software engineer has created an map to track every broken McDonald's ice cream machine across the U.S., is where you can find it.

He created the tool as a joke using a bot that places orders at all McDonald's locations across the country to determine if the ice cream machine is currently operational. The company's VP of Communications actually showed Zahid some love for his creation noting his dedication to making sure McDonald's customers are satisfied.

In San Jose 7.69% of ice cream machines are broken and in San Francisco that number is at 6.67% as of Friday afternoon.