Woman Falls Off 6th Floor Balcony Trying To Perform “Extreme” Yoga Pose

Girl meditating at the balcony on a yoga mat. Home workout

(98.7 KLUV) — Yoga is no doubt an excellent way to keep your body and mind sharp.

However, we MUST stress that it's probably best to keep yoga on the ground.  Where it belongs.

A college student in Mexico routinely performs yoga while hanging on the rails on her balcony of her sixth-floor apartment.  This time, things went haywire.

She lost her grip, and ended up plummeting some 80 feet towards the ground.  Upon impact, 23-year-old Alexa Terrazas broke both of her legs, along with fracturing her arms, hips, and head.  

The Nuevo Leon Attorney General’s Office investigated the fall and found the guard rail did not have any structural damage.