Guy Fieri has raised more than $21 million for unemployed restaurant workers in 2020

The Mayor of Flavortown has done a lot to help out this year.
Guy Fieri
Guy Fieri Photo credit Ezra Shaw / Staff
By The New ALT 105.3

In March Bay Area celebrity chef Guy Fieri started the Restaurant Employee Relief Fund and that has raised more than $21.5 million of for out of work restaurant employees.

Through help from donors and businesses like Pepsi Co. & Uber Eats the fund helped deliver grants of $500 each to more than 43,000 workers who have suffered financial hardships due to the ongoing pandemic. On top of that Fieri also showed up in northern California twice this year to cook up meals for firefighters battling wildfires in August & October.

Fieri will premiere a new documentary on Food Network in December called Restaurant Hustle 2020, which showcases the troubles restaurants have had to face this year. He's also set to launch his delivery only restaurant, Guy Fieri’s Flavortown Kitchen, in 200 cities around the country.