Watch New Radicals reunite after 22 years, play "You Get What You Give" at Inauguration Parade

The band performed their 1999 hit on Wednesday.
New Radicals
New Radicals Photo credit Handout
By The New ALT 105.3

After 22 years away, New Radicals reunited on Wednesday to perform "You Get What You Give" as part of President Joe Biden's Inauguration Parade.

Preceded by a message from lead singer Gregg Alexander stating that they promised to reunite if Biden won they'd play the hit in memory & in honor of Joe's son, Beau. The band kicked into the single as if they hadn't missed a beat since the late 90s.

Of note they did leave out the lines: “Fashion shoots with Beck and Hanson/ Courtney Love and Marilyn Manson/ You’re all fakes, run to your mansions/ Come around, we’ll kick your asses.” & “Health insurance, rip off lying/ FDA, big bankers buying,” probably due to it being a PG-rated broadcast booked by the government.