RADIO.COM’s ‘Nerd Talk’ with Gregr: COVID-19 contact tracing coming to a smartphone near you

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Contact tracing application
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This week we have news about your smartphone taking a break from mind control and data grabbing to talk to your doctor about contact with the coronavirus.

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Washington State is among the first in the United States to roll out contact tracing through smartphones with CovidSafe. Don't get grumpy... we can beat COVID-19 AND the sinister government all at once.

Will Big Brother grab all your data with this app in order to track you down and toss you into a black organ-harvesting van destined for who-knows-where? No. You've had a smartphone for, like, forever and there's all sorts of data sharing going on that you're not upset about.

The new tracker comes as a built in function for iPhones and a downloadable app for Android. The way it works is simple: Via Bluetooth, the device sends data to others around it who have opted in and tracks the duration of time spent not socially distant. If you (or someone who has connected with your device contracts the virus), an alert can be sent to those contacts so they can start their testing and isolation processes.

If you have trust issues with this functionality, you're not alone. Go do some more research while Gregr returns to growing his hair and doing radio from his bedroom.

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