Oakland Police set up sideshow tip line


The Oakland Police Department set up a new tip line dedicated exclusively to reporting sideshow activity, in an effort to help officers not only respond to sideshows, but prevent them, as well.

People can use the anonymous email tip line to report any information related to the street parties that feature stunt driving.

"A lot of the large, massive ones are coordinated in advance and they’re spread through word of mouth, so if anybody happens to get the information and wants to reduce any negative public safety impacts that those can have, they can send that information over to us," said Oakland Police Officer Pedram Farhang.

Police can then be prepared to sideline the sideshows.

Farhang told KCBS Radio that these events are more than just a nuisance, they can be dangerous.

"People will shoot off guns in the air, and that can be terrifying for communities, especially if they don’t know where the bullets are heading," he said. "A lot of times, people are hit by the cars that are doing donuts. They get very close to the spectators."

Farhang noted that like any tip line, this one allows the community to be involved in a more holistic approach to public safety.

Police have also increased staffing and is working with other law enforcement agencies to curb sideshow activity.

To submit a tip, email sideshowtips@oaklandca.gov.