Do We Really Need This Social Distancing Picnic Blanket?

social distancing
Photo credit getty
By ALT 92.3

Remember last week, when we told you about the guy who "invented" the social distancing stick?  Yeah.  It's an extendable 6-foot long stick. 

Someone gets too close...

"Woah there, buddy.  Hang on a sec."

(pulls out stick)

(extends it for an awkward amount of time)

"Yup.  Just as I suspected.  You're gonna have to step 'er back three inches."

Dude's gonna get rich off them, though.  Just like this guy who invented this "Here Comes the Sun" picinic blanket.  It's basically a hollow ring of fabric, with four circles of fabric around it.  Well, here...



"Hey!  That's MY circle!  Go sit in your own!"

I can see this being big in parts of Brooklyn, though, for sure.  Especially considering you can make your own for free with this template.

You'll just need to have a sewing machine, scissors, and measuring tape, and about nine square meters of fabric.  Is Jo-Ann Fabrics even open?


Here's an article with more pictures, and an explanation for.....why.

Dude's gonna get rich.