Dutch Club Reopens, But Partiers Must Sit In Chairs

club chairs
By ALT 92.3

Ever been high on ecstasy while dancing on a chair?  Me either. I've hugged a few, but never danced on one.  

club chairs

Looks fun.

Social distancing rules are still in effect in Nijmegen, Netherlands, so the only way they'd allow clubs to open was to make everyone sit six feet apart.

And stay there.

Worth it?

Some of the people that were there were trying really hard to convince themselves of how amazing it was.

"I expect amazing social dis-dancing!" said Nadie, a young woman who had come to see local favourite DJ Odin play.

Nuray Boga said, "It made me happy."

Promoter Jonatan Brand said, "It's still very cool. People are still dancing, although they are on the chair, they're fist-pumping, they're moving their bodies, so it's great."

Is it? 

Jonatan also mentioned that the event did not sell out.  Maybe next time.