How Nuts is 2020? Will Ferrell Has A Hit Song.

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By ALT 92.3

When you think Will Ferrell and music, you think of this:

I mean, am I wrong?

I guess I am.

Because now, thanks to the success of his new Netflix movie, "Eurovision Song Contest: The Story of Fire Saga," the dude is on the Billboard charts!  "Husavik" debuted at #16 on the Billboard Digital Song Sales chart, and you know what?  It ain't bad.  

In the movie, (which is actually pretty funny, although a bit long at over two hours), Will and his co-star Rachel McAdams sing the song.  But in real life, most of the female vocals come from a Swedish singer named Molly Sanden, who calls herself My Marianne.  Will's vocals?  Oh, that's all him, baby.

Check him out on lead, on a much better song from the movie, "Ja Ja, Ding Dong."

First of all, sick wig flow.  But is Will actually....good?  I can't tell.  He's not horrible, that much is clear.  But wanna hear something even nuttier?  Man could win an Oscar. 

Yup.  The experts say that "Husavik" and "Ja Ja" have a decent chance at crashing the "Best Original Song" party.

Will getting up to sing the Ding Dong song at the stuffy Oscars would be the icing on the 2020 cake.

Make it happen, universe.