Listeners Got Some Great Band Names Thought Up Ready To Go

bad band
By ALT 92.3

UPDATE: I GOT DUPED!  One of "your" band names is an actual band.  See below:

So I'm walking home last night, when out of nowhere, this cat runs up behind me.   (Scared me a little.  It was dark, and they can be mean.)

But it turned out he was super friendly, and I thought, "aww...little buddy out prowlin' for snuggles.  Sunggles....snugs.  Prowlin' For Snugs!  Great band name."

But seeing how I'm talentless, it will have to remain a band in my head, only.  Lots of us do that, though...come up with great band names we can't do anything about, so I asked for your texts to 55701.

Got some really good ones:

Twisted Testicle

The Flatulent Clams

(withholding the people's names, btw)


Amish Rake Fight  (prob my fave. I mean, how do you even get there?)

***I KNEW THAT WAS TOO GOOD TO BE TRUE.  Turns out, one of the guys from Machines Of Loving Grace ended up in a band called....Amish Rake Fight.

Thanks Joe, for the catch.  I should probably check the rest of these,  As we were...

This Week's Epiphany

Just the Giraffe

Shirtless Garcia  (love)

Sad Pancake

Teddy On the Corner

Snap Crotch Jumpsuit

Randy Mandy

Big Huggz and Chicken Nuggz

and Grease Penis.

Nice work, everybody, now how about a drum lesson?