Could We Be Getting a Foldable iPhone?

iPhone 11s
Photo credit Photo by Tomohiro Ohsumi/Getty Images
By ALT 92.3

Flip phones are back, baby! Motorola is officially releasing their new-look Razr tomorrow (apparently it's already sold out), and now there's a rumor that Apple has been granted a patent for what sounds like a foldable iPhone. Here's all the technical specifics: essentially the patent covers a type of hinge that wouldn't have the ugly crease that plagued last year's Galaxy Fold tablet. And oh by the way, Samsung might be coming out with a new flip phone too. They're everywhere!

The thing is, I had a flip phone, (a silver Samsung, if I recall correctly), and I upgraded from it TO an iPhone, because... I liked the iPhone better. Is it silly to think that the smartphone that changed the game for so many people shouldn't need to conform to trends? I guess everyone needs to evolve eventually. Here's some more thoughts on what a foldable iPhone could look like.